funding 51

"51 % of our revenues will support creative projects and new ideas"

Every small and good idea can help contribute to our world becoming a better place; it is as simple as that. However, such ideas can only contribute to our lives once they are realised. This step from knowledge and intention towards action requires not only courage and individual devotion, but also financial support. Many talented and enthusiastic people exist, who unfortunately lack access to funding sources. Sadly, the potential for direct monetarisation seems to become the only decision criterion for investors.

It is our goal to counteract this aberration and invest at least 51 % of our revenues from our musical activities according to our vision. We want to help realise ideas in the creative sector and also support projects in all areas of our society. Support could be provided for artists or young companies with responsibility and fresh concepts or public initiatives, as long as the individuals are working for a just and human world and sustainably living together. We aim to team up with and provide support for such people by either donation, sponsoring, investment or simply via the exchange of words and ideas. We critically follow global development and are very sceptical on current trends. We hope that by a thoughtful and balanced engagement we can make at least small-scale contributions to a future worth living for all human beings. We are aware we are not alone with such an intention and we also know about past and ongoing endeavours of other people with similar goals.

Initially, the amounts we can commit and the number of projects we can support might seem small in relation to what is really needed. However, we consistently want to follow this track right from the start without waiting for a more comfortable situation to happen. We see this as a way to inspire other people to find common goals and paths to walk on together.

Please contact us should you share similar moral concepts and look for support for your projects. Even though we are constantly presented with excellent ongoing work, it is impossible to remain updated with all happenings in the world of crowd-funding and crowd-investing. Feel free to introduce yourselves, if you have discovered something or wish to take initiative yourself. Please use our contact form.


Our website will be regularly updated about ongoing projects and our engagement in accordance with the respective partners involved.

background of ideas

Now we want to describe what could be called ideals. We try to give insight into our conviction as thoroughly as necessary and as briefly as possible. This will give you a guide for judging the probability to get support or to make a decision for yourself, if joint activities are reasonable.

We aim to have an impact on our social development and move it in the right direction. Beginning in our local environment up to the global scale we wish to support the idea of a just society, which is thoughtfully embedded in our environment. We think not only that such a change from the status quo is urgently required, but that it is also feasible. In this respect we consider the omnipresent call for economic growth and more competition as highly disputable. We also see a danger of slowly losing merits of civilisation by blindly subordinating all areas of the society and aspects of living to those economic principles. In our opinion there is a strong indication that our current path towards a society solely based on fierce competition will lead to rivalry, growing international tension and in combination with our current materialistic orientation will end in a social and ecological disaster. Shouldn't we try a different path for the future?

We want to counteract this detrimental development and work on alternatives. In this respect we consider a strong humanistic attitude and the cooperation of people in small and large endeavours as a basis for prosperity and development. Nowadays our scientific and technological potency should be sufficient to deal with current social, ecological and economic problems. It is a matter of will, if we dare to question weaknesses of our current system of money, labour and living or if we take everything - including even erroneous trends - as given. Consequently, it is our goal to support initiatives and projects based on scientific principles, which explore new ways of living, creating, trading and researching.

What are our goals?

The goals mentioned here might seem out of reach and some of you might note that they are even naive. However, should we cease describing things as we think they should be out of fear, that will be the day we finish building our own prison and stop moving forward.

Sustainable Development
Humans and companies should not, in our view, just blindly follow the economic principle, but rather shall place man and its environment at the forefront of attention. Due to technological achievements this is more feasible today than during earlier stages in history. We want to boost this orientation, which is often summarised under the term „sustainable development“, by sensitising people to it while freeing them from the misconception that sustainability means making sacrifices today for the sake of a better future. With proper planning and implementation a sustainable development can improve the quality of life here and now, without affecting  the environment or other parts of the world in a negative way.

We want to promote a society that is aware of its collective potential which is not reduced to individuals that are unable to influence or change things. Even though most people in our society would define themselves as free beings, we noted the common feeling of powerlessness with respect to changes in society. This needs to be changed. Furthermore we want to help reduce tension between people.This improves the general quality of life due to a decline in violence and a veritable increase in security. This is also a prerequisite for the generation of common goals and an important move towards a world of rising fairness.

Contribution and Responsibility
Our aim is that the majority of people will actively contribute to changes in their society or their developmental course, because the advantages over alternatives are apparent. We don’t believe that people need to be pushed by competition, rivalry and an ever-rising pressure to perform. In our opinion, a cooperative society would be highly dynamic and constantly evolving without competition threatening the individual’s subsistence or restricting personal freedom. In this spirit and in addition to the freedom of thought, we want to support the idea of free disposal of one’s own lifetime. We believe this is an important attribute of personal development and freedom, as long as the same rights and well-being of others are not harmed during the process.

Courage to Change
We want to challenge people to break existing paradigms and to risk something new, similarly to an experiment with an uncertain outcome. Such an experiment is typically built on clear ideas and goals. We wish to support brave people conducting such experiments with the intention of improving our future.

Rising Awareness
Finally we want to reach out to the public with our conception. This is probably our most effective aim. For this we count on curiosity and openness, both which cannot be conjured up or enforced. People can only convince themselves that something is right or reasonable within the limits of their own eyes. Only such insight creates a constant power and patience in ourselves to stand up for our goals.